At the age of 18 I was given my first manual camera; a compact digital with a whopping 6mp! That camera was the true beginning for me as a photographer and from that moment I was drawn to the natural world. I spent many an afternoon photographing the sunset over the ranges behind my parents house. I experimented with settings and composition, not really knowing why some photos worked and others didn't. It wasn't until I moved to the Central Australia in 2011 and bought a Digital SLR that my passion for photography grew from a part-time hobby into an overwhelming need to explore and photograph the world around me.

About four years ago I started selling prints at the local markets in Alice Springs and I had no idea how well it would turn out. After only two years selling at the markets, I opened a pop-up gallery, also in Alice Springs. I was blown away by the feedback from my ever-growing list of clients. Itchy feet and an eagerness to explore and photograph more of our amazing country got me moving and I have spent the better part of the last year traveling around Australia. And what a trip it was! From the snowing peaks of Tasmania, to the baked interior of Western Australia, it was all amazing!

I'm not sure what lays ahead but I know this, I am continually captivated, challenged, frustrated and inspired by the natural world in an effort to capture the best that nature has to offer.

Visit my online gallery to experience my journey.

Thank You,

Chris Ismail